Student Affairs

Mr.Sharif shah Sharif

Sharif shah sharif was born on 1989 in kapisa province. After the civil war started their family moved to ghazni province jaghori destrict.
He started the elementry school in Abdul Ghafor sultani high school and studied there till 5th grade. After the taliban regime took power their family imagrate to pakistan city of quetta. He started finished the middle school in Noor high school till grade 10th When United States invaded Afghanistan their family moved back to afghanistan Balkh province. He started his high school in Bakhtar high school and graduated from there in 2007 and started law and political science in Aria university and graduated from there in 2011.
He started working with CCA cooperation center for Afghanistan in 2012 as a monitoring officer until 2014.
In 2014 he started working for an international organization PIN as a survailance system officer until 2016.
He paticipated in a lot of management courses during the years of university and work.
From 2016 till now he had work as manager with students affairs archieve management and currently working as vice chancellor of students affairs.

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