Mr. Ghulam Abbas ibrahimzada is one of influential and businessperson of Afghanistan born in 1970 in Balkh Afghanistan he starts business in money exchange soon the business grow in a empire. He established ibrahimzada group of companies Today the ibrahimzada group turnover is over 300 million USD but in 2010 he was elected member of parliament from Balkh and as Afghanistan education sector was weak, he had the vision and dream of better Afghanistan better education he decide to invest in Education sector he established Rahnaward university in 2014 with the slogan of better education with less money soon RAHNAWARD university start to become top 10 university in Afghanistan beside Rahnaward university he decide to expand in health care sector he established RAHNAWARD institute of Health Sciences and RAHNAWARD hospital and Today RAHNAWARD education group include 38 Schools across Afghanistan and in 2019 he start vocational school for Balkh Afghanistan not only RAHNAWARD education group  cover Balkh but  also Kabul in Kabul he found Aburayhan University.

Mr Ghulam abbas ibrahimzada slogan for Afghanistan

Lets make Afghanistan and education great