Rahnaward History

RAHNAWARD university was founded in 2014 by Ghulam Abbas ibrahimzada with the promise of better education affordable education .RAHNAWARD had four faculties consists of (Medical,dentistry,law and political sciences and education) in 2014 it promoted from institute of higher education to university in 2019 their strategic plan for the university has passed by Ministry of higher education of Afghanistan Today RAHNAWARD university has 8000 students plus 5000 graduated RAHNAWARD also established teaching hospital in 2017 for his students in medical and dental field and beside it provide job opportunities for education students which they are hire in RAHNAWARD School after graduation from University. In 2018 the new campus of RAHNAWARD university was inaugurated by ministry of higher education and ministry of public health and ministry of economic which they praised Rahnaward university in their effort to provide better education in 2019 international library of Rahnaward university inaugurate   by vice president of Afghanistan.

Rahnaward  believes the best plan for ensuring responsible insurance standards is well-supported insurance research, study and instruction.  Because of this, we strive to expand and improve academic instruction to students of risk management and insurance through an emphasis on the economic, financial, legal, managerial, marketing, and social aspects of risk and uncertainty.

Rahnward university has these facilities

Teaching hospital with 150 beds

Library with 150000 books

Gym and play ground

High tech classes

48 laboratories

Mou with top Universities of world

Conference hall and convocation halls

Higher train staff

Professional academicians