In 2014, Rahnaward Institute of Higher Education has started its academic activity by the efforts of Mr. Abbas Ibrahimzada. In the beginning, the institute has had three faculties including Medicine, law and political science and Stomatology, and could registered a large number of young people, both male and female, who had passed the national university entrance exam held to recruits new students. Among these young people, 1,800 students were included in the Faculty of Law and Political Science. The students, in collaboration with the Academics and specialist staff of Faculty of Law, officially began their courses in 12/5/2014. The courses of the Faculty of Law and Political Science have been arranged at three times in the morning, afternoon and evening. At the present time, Faculty of Law and Political Sciences has two departments (administrative and diplomatic, prosecutor and judge) and about 2900 students are studying in these two departments.

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