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Iran General Consul Visit Rahnaward University

In the present time modern universities step by step move toward investigation and development, in the past higher education was just place of training but now training and research have main rule and more importance in everywhere, Rahnaward university have more programs for this institute which one of this program produce Rahnaward scientific research publication which published on fall 1395 .

The production of this scientific publication comply the best quality of contents by the cooperation of scientific assistance, Rahnaward qualified teachers and publication section is available for interested knowledge and research.

It is need to mention the next number of this publication is under development in the research from the scientific assistance.


Iran General Consul Visit Rahnaward

According to national goals establishment of friendly relationship and communication with friend countries for research purposes is major needs of Rahnaward University.

For this purpose rahnaward university founder invited respectable consul of Iran Islamic Republic country on April 15, 2016 his Excellency Mr.Adalat with his companion visit from different parts of laboratory, classes and library of Rahnaward University.

In this meeting university founder and Iran consul promised for more cooperation also to provide best facilities and equipment and to create friendly relationship between Iran and Rahnaward University Students.


Dr Mohammed Aref Rahman the ambassador of Indonesia visited Rahnaward University

The ambassador of Indonesia Dr Mohammad Aref Rahman with his fellows has met with Mohammad Ghulam Ibrahimzada the vice president of Ibrahimzada groups of company, Mr. Eshaq Amini the chairman of Rahnaward University, Mr. Younosi the head of chamber of house and teachers of Rahnaward University.

His Excellency Rahman visited from different departments of Rahnaward faculties (medicine, low and political science, health of science institute and library), the purpose of his travel to Balkh was to visit the northern of country and Rahnaward University.

During the visit from different faculties of Rahnaward University he encourage all students to be more active and learn knowledge in order to improve this country also he mentioned that “you are the young generation of this country and depend to the world so service to Afghanistan must be your priority and wished permanent peace in Afghanistan.

He also mentioned that Rahnaward University is one of the most considerable university with holding international equipment among other universities in the country and promise to have more development programs in terms of culture, economic, educational for improvement of Afghanistan that Rahnaward teachers and students are involved in such programs.

At the end of meeting the Indonesia ambassador granted military mark to Rahnaward University as to keep stability relationship among these two countries and students of Rahanward University











Respectable counselor of India country and honorable Assistant of India counselor, respectable Head of business and industry rooms the Head of Balkh  broshna with agent of people and Rahnaward university  founder in nation council  from  collection of Rhanward Healthy , Educational hearing and seeing Meher media .

At the end of this meeting India counselor point that if all Afghan businessman in their turns work hard for their nation, without doubt there is no need of afghan people to immigrate into foreign country and we are debtor of like this persons that work hard and take steady steps for his nation.

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