Nowadays humanity lives in its modern era the era that knowledge and humanity is its cornerstone. The nation who leaves behind of this caravan will expose to gradual death and the final result is also death, because humans’ civilization is mainly based on knowledge.

Knowledge is not only the ascertainer of government’s power but also the guarantor of culture, civilization and the academic and cultural achievements of a society.

Throughout knowledge the relationship of identity and history is strengthen and revives the historical background of our nation.

For the current greatest circumstances in our country a great outlook and attention is concentrated to the knowledge and rehabilitation of society and based on the value of knowledge during the last decades a huge number of higher education centers inaugurated and large number of students referred to educational centers and through its supportive policies the government paved the way to support private education centers to lead society toward uplifts.

Rahnaward institute of higher education based on commandment number (83) and registration number (100) started its educational activity in spring of 1393 in northern zone of Afghanistan, Balkh province Maza e sharif city and in a short period of time has been able to achieve many success and remain as an academic pole in northern Afghanistan this success is due to complete support of his excellency Abbas Ibrahim Zada representative of people in parliament, educated academic staff, sound management of leading corps and division of tasks which is as followed:

1. General presidency, that head of university is in charged.
2. Academic deputy

Duties and responsibilities of chancellor.

Each higher education institute is needy for experienced and educated staff to run its affairs fairly. Educated and capable staffs are actually the spine of higher educations without that it is not possible to produce knowledge. As a matter of fact the base of a university is teachers and academic cadre of course only the presence of academic cadre is not adequate but a sound and skill full management is the cornerstone and basics of every institutions in order to offer best service for students who actually form the asset of university.

The chancellor’s responsibilities can be evaluated in to parts.

A: External Responsibilities:

1. Legal representative of university outside and inside the country.

B : Internal responsibilities:

highest decision taking and programming authority inside university.

5. responsible of deposal and assignment.

6. Capacity building of administrative coworkers.

7. Necessary executions regarding the scholarship for elite students.

8. Delivering reports about activities of university to ministry of higher education.

9. Controlling the activities of academic, administrative and students affairs deputy.

Controlling the faculties activities.10


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